Drum Recording


Q: Can I send you audio files and get you to play a drum part to them?
A: Yes. Seperate wav files of all the files are good but a well mixed mp3 is sufficient. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT- A click track (either wav or mp3) to go with the song and written information on the tempo and system it has come from.

Q: Do I have to be there when you record the tracks?
A: No. But if you want to direct me as to the style of playing you want or particular things throughout the song that you want accented its probably better that you are there rather than trying to explain it over the phone or email.

Q: What drums do you use for recording tracks?
A: I have a Pearl 50th Anniversary (Birch Shells) kit and also a Tama Rockstar. The Pearl 50th Anniversary is my usual preference but I also like the bass drum from the Rockstar. I also have a Joey Jordisson series 13″ aluminium snare which sounds awesome.

I use Paiste and Zildjian cymbals and have a good selection of hi hats including some classic Paiste 802’s

Q: Can I jam ideas with you before you record the drum tracks?
A Yes. You will need an amp if your a guitarist but we have a PA set up in the room so you can sing as well.

Q: What mics do you use for recording the drums?
A: Top quality Shure mics and a Neumann TLM 103

Q: How much will you charge for the drum track?
A: It all depends on the complexity and style of the track as well as the sort of drumming you want for it. I will ask you for a reasonably well mixed mp3 of it at first (which may or may not include drums) along with any ideas you have and then I will give you a quote.

To give you a basic idea of price though a drum track to a simple pop/rock song with a simple format will cost you £50 and the more tracks you order the cheaper the price per track.

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